MASS AmbiTech offers quality and reliable maintenance Management program, preventive maintenance, process operations and overhaul services of for different types of water and wastewater Treatment plants. A board range of services packages can fulfill the needs of different treatment facilities as well as extend the lifespan of equipment's and ensure the treated water quality.


Our service management strictly follows the following steps to do efficient service.

1. Healthy and safety - We always prefer it.
2. Operations - We monitor mechanical and process operation.
3. Trouble shooting - Our representative ready to handle trouble shooting problem at any time.
4. Lab testing - we arrange lab at site for water testing.
5. Performance report - we submit performance report per month.


Added Value: System Audit

  • Operating practices and Best practices analysis
  • Reliability or value generation
  • Chemical program and monitoring
  • Monitoring and control of operating process
  • Energy and water management
  • Mechanical limitation of equipment's
  • Operational- Control capabilities & requirements
  • System Reliability and KPI benchmarking
  • Proven cost reduction and ROI improvement

BENEFITS of imglog

  • Increase in equipment lifespan.
  • Increase in plant operating efficiency.
  • Smooth plant operations.
  • Maintained treated water quality.
  • Efficient reuse of treated water.
  • Maintaining color, smell and bacteria disinfection of water.
  • Timely maintenance of all equipment's, pumps, membrane etc.
  • Protecting environment.
  • No health and safety issues .